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10+ Hilarious Photos Of Cats Before And After A Bath

A bath is often the most relaxing part of an adult’s day, but for kids it’s not always the most enjoyable activity. This goes triple for your cats, who usually have some mixed emotions in the tub. Something terrible will happen if you bath them. The truth is, most cats will go from cute to cuter when wet!
Paws Planet has collected this list of before-and-after cats bath photos. Here are photos of cats who look like totally different creatures after bath time! Share these hilarious wet pets with your friends who love cats!

#1. “My trust was ill-placed, I see.”

#2. Good lord those eyes…

#3. This cat looks like he just got out of the sauna at the gym.

#4. “My revenge will be felt for generations to come.”

#5. This cat is probably has a very long list of places they’d rather be.

#6. “I’m meeeeeelting!”

#7. “Why would you do this to me?”

#8. “You don’t want to know the things I’ve seen.

#9. Ron Furgundy does not approve of Big Bath.

#10. “What just happened?”



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