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30 Funny Pets Who Has No Idea What To Do With Their Pathetic Life

When a dog or a cat comes into our house, both our lives and their lives are changed forever. Just like we have to get used to their presence and adjust our lifestyle so that it can fit theirs, our pets need to learn to live with us in harmony as well. You may think that you are the tolerant one who compromises most of the time, but actually, our four-legged buddies have more struggles to overcome than you thought. Fitting into a family is never easy after all!

Want to know a bit about pet problems? Here are 30 remarkable pictures of dogs and cats whose life is pretty difficult, yet they have no choice but to deal with it. Shared by Reddit community r/thisismylifenow, these hilarious moments are guaranteed to crack you up right now. Scroll down and enjoy!

#1. “I guess I’m a towel now.”

Source: ebassidgdfgf

#2. “Well… Fluff.”

Source: KathlineAlfaro

#3. When the nursing never ends…

Source: kzn80

#4. A ginger pillow.

Source: bcallen2

#5. This dog just posts up like he’s in the club judging people.

Source: padmdgdfgdf

#6. Life with another cat.

Source: MercWithaMouse

#7. A girl teaching her cat how to write.


#8. Three weeks old and I think the kittens nearly outweigh mama by mass.

Source: OVEiTeNt

#9. “This is ok, I guess.”

Source: amberalyseh

#10. Stuck between balusters.

Source: DovakinAlduin

#11. Bruce shows his patience for Poppy.

Source: photophunk

#12. “I’m fine…”

Source: winstonsWOB

#13. Who knows how long she was like this.

Source: ebousbut

#14. Got stuck on the wall and gave up.

Source: ele90

#15. “Guess I’m a stuffed animal now.”

Source: DeHayala

#16. “I’m a cactus”.

Source: PugnaSucksAlways

#17. “I guess I’m a dog bed now.”

Source: DailyIceCreamYT

#18. Doge.

Source: Nergaal

#19. Dog vs Cat door – Cat door 1 Dog 0

Source: Checkered_unicorn

#20. “I am a planter now.”

Source: Old-Parsley2369

#21. When she realized she’s no longer an only child.

Source: tbmadddfgdfgfd

#22. For some reason I don’t think she’s thrilled about her younger sister…

Source: pupdates

#23. We got bored and our cat is a heavy sleeper, so we helped him live up to his nicknameQuality post.

Source: hachiman5463

#24. My partner inspection my dog’s ear, his face says it all.

Source: PolishedBadger

#25. What goes in doesn’t always come out.

Source: ZandraAubert

#26. Girlfriend’s cat stuck her head in a plastic bag but goto caught in the handhold.

Source: PXAbstraction

#27. “Get me the fluff out of here Mom.”

Source: jgmyerswerte453

#28. Someone’s not thrilled with my choice for 3rd addition to the pack.

Source: YungAshworth

#29. The face of a new life vest victim.

Source: gyalwannalaff

#30. Serving hard time for crimes against bunnies, birds, and chipmunks.

Source: trtllvr69

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