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20+ Times People Deeply Regretted Leaving Their Pets Home Alone

Anyone who has a pet knows that pets can bring us companionship and fun, humor, playfulness, and an element of surprise. Most people love surprises that their beloved pets bring to them. But a surprise they might find after leaving their pets alone for some time will not always be happy and pleasant. Even the wisest pet owners aren’t always ready for these surprises.

What did your pet do when being left alone? Share your pictures with us in comments below!

1. “My dog couldn’t quite figure out how to play cribbage.”

2. “Apparently this is more comfortable than the bed I bought him.”

3. “My rapscallion of a cat tried hacking into my phone and ended up taking a selfie. You literally can’t trust ANYBODY these days!”

4. “I identified my cat by the holes on the box of noodles.”

5. “I thought that my cat had disappeared from our sunroom. Then I opened a can of food and this happened…”

6. What kind of bird is this?

7. “Caught my cat watching GIFs on Twitter. Maybe she even has her own secret blog.”

8. “It happened! I caught my cat licking my dog.”

9. The manufacturer who starts producing palettes with paw prints is going to earn a fortune.

10. “Our cat likes the stroller. We haven’t walked with our baby in it one single time, but we’ve already caught our cat in it 3 times.”



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