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Rescued Puppy Gets A New Lease On Life

Meet Todd, a small puppy with a new lease on life!

Todd became a stray pup after his owner had unexpectedly fallen ill and was hospitalized. The poor dog didn’t know where to go, so he snuck in a room at an Emergency Housing Homeless Shelter. Sadly, shelter staff did not know his presence in the room until they went to pack it out nearly two weeks later. Without food and water, the dog was so weak that he couldn’t stand up.

The staff immediately contacted Friends for Life Rescue Network to call for help. With the help of social workers, the organization could bring him into their rescue and give him a second chance in life.

Todd was dehydrated and malnourished, but otherwise seemed energetic and happy. Thanks to the love and care of his fosters, he was in better condition. When he was 4 months old, he was adopted to an amazing home, where he is now loved and spoiled by his wonderful owners.

We are happy to know that Todd found his forever home. If you want to find more information about Friends for Life Rescue Network, you can visit their website or by following them on Instagram.

Todd was found alone inside a room at an Emergency Housing Homeless Shelter back in October of 2019.

Todd in his new foster home

Growing big and strong with the help of foster bro Hercules

More treats please!

Ready for Thanksgiving!

He was so happy when being adopted

Todd loves his new forever home and his owners

Happy and Healthy at 6 Months Old

Please share this story with everyone around you to raise awareness for rescuing animals, especially animals in need!

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