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30 Cuddly Cats That Try To Stop Their Owners From Reading

Cats have a reputation of being aloof and indifferent, but in some cases, they may become more cuddly and loving. These cats need quite a lot of attention to maintain optimum levels of happiness. They will demand your attention all the time and follow you like a shadow. Some cats even become so attached to their owners that they crave nonstop attention. However, cats are not particularly subtle about asking for attention. They will do everything they can to get your attention and your love. And of course, they don’t care what you are doing or how busy you are. They just want to be where you are.

Clingy cats are difficult to ignore, so it is not easy for you to read a book if your cat is crying for attention. Although these cats sometimes can cause trouble for their owners, there’s nothing better than a purring, cuddly cat who always gives you love and make your day better.

Here are 30 cats who try to stop their owner from reading. If you love to see cat pics, scroll down to enjoy!

#1 You No Study, You Play With Pebbles

#2 Spoiler Alert: The Main Character Dies. Now Rub My Tummy

#3 I’ll Just Lay Here

#4 Pages Ruined By Some 15th Century Cat

#5 This Is Watson, He Does This Every Time I Open A Book

#6 This Is What Happens When I Try To Study

#7 Now That’s What I’m Tolkien About

#8 Are You Really Going To Write That?

#9 That’s enough studying for today

#10 Reading Harry Potter With A Cat

#11 My Cat Starbuck Enjoys Chewing On Books

#12 Reading Is More Fun With A Pal

#13 Read Me

#14 I Want Attention!

#15 So Much For Getting Reading Done During Rare Free Time

#16 Sorry, Human, But The News Of The Day Is Me

#17 Usually The Cat Is On The Other Side Of The Book Gnawing The Edges

#18 Chai

#19 What Do You Mean You Have To Study?

#20 I Seem To Be Having Trouble Reading Lately

#21 When I Sit In Front Of The Keyboard, That Means You Can’t Work On Your Computer Any More

#22 Mitsie Is Helping Me To Remember On Which Page I’m At 🙂

#23 Oh Hi! Were You Reading?

#24 Done Studying Yet?

#25 I Never Foresaw That It’d Be Impossible To Read With That Face Looking At Me

#26 Trying To Study? Let Me Help You

#27 Nom Nom Nom

#28 No More Reading Today

#29 I Wonder If This Will Mesmerize My Professor As Well As It’s Mesmerizing Me

#30 You Didn’t Really Want To Read This Half Of The Page, Did You?

We’d love to see your pictures of cats not letting people read, so feel free to share with us in comments below!



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