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30+ Photos That Show Animals Can Bring Happiness To Our Lives

16. “Our 9-year-old Goldendoodle got her first grooming. Our other dog barked at her when she came home.”

17. “My dad made the guinea pigs a picnic table.”

18. “I’m looking forward to the day when he can’t fit there anymore so I can move my chair again when I work.”

19. “Charlie meets with his sheeple…”

20. Warm cuddles are harmful to work productivity.

21. “Going somewhere, human? Don’t forget to pack a good boy!”

22. “My cat and my roommate’s dog are so sweet together.”

23. “Got some treats, boss?”

24. “Day 3: They still think I’m a duck. I mean, quack…”

25. “They have some curious sleeping arrangements at Aimee’s Farm Animal Sanctuary.”

26. “Stanley (left) and Aayla (right) are good friends.”

27. They cuddle to keep warm.

28. Looking for shenanigans together

29. Frenchies blossom when it’s warm.

30. Perfectly aligned for sunbathing

31. “This is Daisy and Luna. Daisy doesn’t like car rides so Luna comforts her until they both fall asleep.”

32. “Check out this kind bun-bun consoling my friend when she was a wee lass.”

If you have pics of your pets, please share them with us in the comments below!



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