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People Are Revealing The Names They Call Their Pets, And It’s Hilarious

Pets are living beings and are a part of our family, so they also need to have a name. Giving pets names means nothing for themselves, but it does change the way we regard them. Besides, it also helps identify them with other pets in our house.

But in fact, we love to call our pets by their nickname instead of proper name. By using nicknames, we want to show affection and love to our beloved pets. However, choosing the right nickname is not easy because it requires a lot of thought. For this reason, we think most of pet owners just call their pets by real names.

However, our thoughts had changed when one Twitter user revealed the community about how he calls his dog everything but its real name. After that, many pet owners have started to share on Twitter all the funny nicknames they call their pets. Some of the names are pretty cute but most are definitely hilarious. Scroll down to see and prepare to have a good laugh.


















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