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20+ Warm Photos That Prove Animals Are Made of Love

#11. Turns out it is possible!

#12. Love that you can’t hide from anywhere.

#13. A guard dog that awakens a fear …desire to hug him.

#14. This is Remi, he’s 11, and you can’t just pass him by without petting him.

#15. Her love makes him really happy.

#16. “A woman in line comes up to me and asks, ‘Want me to make your day a little better?’ Then she pulls out this guy…”

#17. “My friend got to attend an ugly sweater Christmas party for dogs and I’ve never been so jealous in my life!”

#18. “I was gone for a month, and my big floof missed me terribly.”

#19. “This cat is not my cat, but whenever I get home from work and he happens to hear my car lock, he runs to me from out of nowhere, and follows me to my door meowing until I sit down and allow him to take a nap on my lap.”

#20. This is Clover. She’s a pippet (a cross between a pit bull and a whippet).



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