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Learning How To Climb The Stairs Together, A Baby And A Puppy Become Attached More

It can be seen that babies and puppies have different perspectives on how to see the world with adults. To them, everything is a lot bigger and even minor challenges like climbing the stairs.

The following story shows how a 1-year-old toddler teaches her puppy how to deal with the frightening staircase. Her name is Mia. The camera caught the lovely moment, and Life with Malamutes shared this video on youtube. Then, It spread out over the world with 653,000 views.

As Mia’s parents sharing in the video’s caption, that was the first time Teddy had seen stairs, and they were quite attractive to him. Mia’s parents will try to keep him calm and show him how to climb. He was a little nervous after the first few moves. However, he quickly jumped up and down happily with his best friend, Amelia.

Although Mia just knew how to get up the stairs by herself, she was considered the best trainer for Teddy to learn how to climb the stairs.

At the beginning of climbing, Mia was superior to her pup. When Mia got halfway up the stairs, Teddy was seen to be on the second step. At that time, Mia was made to move slowly by her parents to assist the frightened puppy.

Teddy can climb, but he makes it a little slowly.

Obviously, Teddy is quite scared, and it seems to be quite tricky in committing the action. His owner, Mia’s dad, realizes his fear and agrees to join in this training. Teddy’s human father wants to help him to figure out what he is doing.

You can watch the adorable video below.

Teddy follows Mia up and down, then down and up because he is interested in being by her side. Mia’s parents also said that at the same time, they taught her how to move safely, and she could do that with any objects she met.

After that, we can see how they make progress by seeing the video two weeks later. They look like two seasoned stair climbers.

Through the video, the faith of Teddy has grown just in two weeks. Besides, he has been much more confident than before. He can climb the stairs along with Mia as an expert.

Now, this looks like a climbing race between Mia and her pup.

Some people who watch this video commented to express their interest in the climbing of both babies. They showed admiration for Mia’s foresight and her approaching the left to avoid Teddy when he tried to come down. That is so cute!

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h/t:  Animal Channel



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