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Adopted Cat Becomes Family’s Hero And Changes Their Life Forever

This hero cat who has the name “Herbie” was adopted by Janine DeMartini from the pet shelter, where Janine has worked previously. Herbie is so gentle and friendly that Janine and both of her children do love him a lot. Unlike other cats, Herbie is not fancy making noise. Except for once.

Quite Herbie | Youtube screenshot – Animal Planet

That was July 2014 when Janine’s second kid – Isabella – was infant. Janine was being up all night and almost fell asleep but Herbie started acting oddly. He jumped onto her bed and meowing. Then he darted toward the door and kept on meowing distressfully.

Herbie beside his Little Missy | Youtube screenshot – Animal Planet

Janine recalled “I was so tired and I was like, all right, he’s just being a cat”, however, she knew that it was not Herbie’s personality and there must be something wrong. Then Janine followed Herbie and was led to Isabella’s room. After opening the door, she faced a terrifying sight: Isabella’s face was covered by the blanket and she was making “smothering noise” as if she could not breathe. Herbie immediately jumped onto the crib and pawed at and tried to pull the blanket off his little Missy’s face.

Grateful Janine and her hero | Youtube screenshot – Animal Planet

Ironically, Janine is a social worker who has actually written papers about the benefits of animal-assisted therapy, and after the incident, she realize that her dicision to save Herbie from being euthanized was one of the best decisions in her life. For now, they are really family to each other.

Little Isabella kiss her beloved Herbie | Youtube screenshot – Animal Planet

There is belief of life-saving cycle so don’t hesitate to save life, even a little one.

Let watch the video:




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