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Cat Owner Conducts A Hilarious Experiment To Test How Narrow A Gap Can Cats Get Through

Cats are able to squeeze through spaces that seem narrower than they are because they don’t have a rigid collarbone, which would otherwise stop them from getting into nooks and crannies. Once they can get their head and shoulders through, their bodies present no further obstacle.

They use their super-sensitive specialized whiskers, which are often as wide as their bodies to gauge where they can slide through. However, the whisker don’t grow longer as a cat gets wider, so fat cats don’t realize they can’t fit through. And of course, they will get stuck.

For this reason, the owner of the adorable cat duo Maru and Hana recently conducted an experiment to test the limits of how narrow a gap cats can get through.

Maru and Hana are famous cats who have captured many an internet user’s heart. The fluffy couple has more than 273,000 followers on Instagram and over 510,000 viewers on YouTube.

We really love this experiment because it brought a smile to our faces. We also love all cat science experiments that show off how cute and awesome they are.

Watch the experiment video here!

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More info: | Instagram | YouTube



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