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I Take Photos Of Cats High On Catnip, And It’s Sooo Much Fun

Andrew Martilla is an animal photographer best known for gorgeous kitty pics. He used to be atrociously allergic to cats, he now lives with his lover with three cats, and a batch of rotating promote kittens outside of D.C.
Recently he finished a project about cats’ love for the green stuff. His ex-roommate’s cat, Grendel, was his muse for this project. He has been taking photos of Grendel on catnip for a number of years and of all the photos he takes, the ones of him high on catnip are the most recognizable.It occured to him that a compilation of catnip photos would be the purrrfect subject for a book. This book is coming out on June 19th called CATS ON CATNIP and he wanted to share a few shots from it.
I hope you guys enjoy a sneak peak!

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