This is the prehensile tailed porcupine, a species of spikey critters found in Central and South America. Their long tails make them great climbers and mostly live in trees, which is why many people call them ‘tree porcupines’.


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2. Being herbivores, they enjoy eating leaves, flowers and treebark, as well as fruits and vegetables.

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3. Their adorable features make them one of a kind, just look at that snoot!

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5. Banana time!

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6. Their tails are very strong, they can even hang upside down on branches!

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7. Look at this little guy running on a wheel

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8. The babies are softer, as their quills haven’t developed yet. Listen to the sounds it makes!

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9. I’ll take 100!

10. They may be prickly, but they’re just little teddy bears at heart

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11. Even porcupines get the zoomies!

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12. Melon for spikeboy!

13. Little spiky baby

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14. Sniffing with that big snoot

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15. Climbing their way into our hearts!