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Mother Cat Protects Her Baby Kittens In Backyard Until Rescue Arrives

A stray mama cat was found protecting her kittens in a dirty backyard, trying to keep them safe from rough conditions. Despite their unstable and unsafe living situation, the mama was determined to protect her kittens until help arrived. Luckily, a rescue group came to save them and gave them a second chance at life.

The rescue group called Little Wanderers NYC focuses on rescuing the neediest cats in the toughest areas of NYC. For this reason, when they received news about the mama cat with four young kittens, they rushed to rescue them.

A volunteer named Ariana immediately went to help the little family. After several hours of searching the neighbourhood, Ariana finally found them. Sadly, the mama cat quickly ran off when Ariana approached her. She carefully picked up the little kittens and instantly took them to safety.

However, Ariana didn’t give up because she knew that the mama needed to be in a safe place with her kittens. Before leaving the area, she set a safe, humane trap with the hope that the mom would walk into.

The next morning, Ariana returned to the backyard and was happy to find the cat safe and sound in the trap. She brought the stray with her, excited to reunite her with her babies.

Another volunteer at the center named Antionette had brought the little kittens home, where they were cleaned, defleaed, fed, and made comfortable. Despite having lived on the streets, the kittens were all healthy and playful.

The mama cat, who the team named Remony, did not fully trust the humans who rescued her, but she was overjoyed to be reunited with her kittens. The kittens were thrilled to meet their mother and rushed over to her side.

“I know she feels safe from her body language, but she is going to take more time to get acclimated to people,” Antoinette said.

The kittens were named Savannah, Sterling, Sutton and Silas, and they are growing bigger and more adventurous each day. Now, Remony and her babies are thriving and enjoying life in foster care.

We’re so grateful for the rescue organizations for saving animals in need. If you love this story, please share it with your friends and family members!



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