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Then And Meow: How Technology Has Changed Cats’ Lives

With smart phones, laptops, smart TV sets and the internet making their place in every house, the cats have been affected by technology as much as humans are. But how has the feline world responded to the emergence of the modern technological revolution? Well, well, well. We have compiled this list to answer your question.

Cats have actually replaced their toys with the new technology. They now consider tangled wires as balls of yarn! I’m pretty sure they confuse mouse with a real mouse! As confusing at this sounds, when you see these pictures you’ll believe everything that I just said. To understand better, check these out.

Pictures source: Boredpanda  | Via: Purrworld

#1 Sitting casually on a TV!

#2 Distracting the human.

#3 Cooler way to die!

#4 The popular mouse confusion…

#5 Virtual-food?

#6 Entangled in knit balls.

#7 Virtual friends.

#8 Satisfying the needs virtually!

#9 Cyber romance now!

#10 Playing.



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