After Three Years Apart, Marine Finally Got His Joy With His Ex-partner In Military

It is a fact that in the military, handlers and their dogs always spend their time working and training together. Therefore, the relationship among them becomes more and more close-knit. Of course, in the most challenging situation, they always know how to support and protect each other.


Sadly, after serving in the military, some dogs have to end up their work for retirement. Therefore, for sure, they have to continue ahead without their partners. That might be a pity! But eventually, the handlers and their dog partners can get a chance to reunite again on a specific day.

The below story is about a 9-year-old military dog named Atilla with black fur. He is a fantastic combat tracker of Marine Canine Handler Sea Sergeant Jacob Varela in the USA for three years.

This German Shepherd dog guard supported his handlers at Lackland Airforce along with many tasks assigned. They spent much time together and shared meaningful moments while performing their missions.

Sgt. Varela confided in WBS news that his dog friend always stood by his side under any circumstances. They suffered three years of being apart because Varela had to focus on a new mission that forces him to leave the Marines. Happily, they had a chance to get together again at the Midway International Airport, Chicago, in 2019.

Especially, Varela finally completed his mission and brought Atilla home for private care. Thanks to Kristen Maurer from Mission K9 Rescue, both reunited after Atilla came back from Houston, Texas.

Looking at the picture snapped at the airport, both Varela and Atilla delighted and satisfied as they realized each other for the first time. Sergeant Varela burst out into tears when having his partner at hands in front of onlookers.

From now on, this pair will lead a joyful life without any war effect. Atilla deserves a life full of fulfillment after a long time in his career. And Varela also worth this gift.

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