20+ Cute Photos Of Fluffies That Are Guaranteed To Lift Your Spirits On Bad Days

16. “I was in another room and I heard my boyfriend explaining a game to someone, by his voice he was really excited about it, but there was no one else in the apartment. When I went back to the room, this is what I saw.”

17. This is what happens when the door to the dryer is left open…

18. “Got a live feed camera so I could see what my dogs are up to while I’m at work.”

19. “Every morning my husband sneaks out of bed to cuddle his ’mistress’…”

20. Cat-style photobomb

21. “It was a cruel prank, buddy…”

22. “He collected all the balls he could find in the house and then laid like this for 10 minutes.”

23. This happily smiling lioness beats the world-famous Mona Lisa and her mysterious smile.

24. “Paint me like one of your French girls.”

25. “This is what I come home to every day.”

26. “My dog can see out to the sidewalk in the reflection of my crystal ball, so he watches for people and cars, but it looks like he’s seeing the future.”

27. No hugs for dog.

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