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Brother Puppy Follows Every Step Of His Little Blind And Deaf Sister

Denver always spent his time with her little sister with a fantastic lookout.

Star and Denver are close puppy friends with lots of great moments together. Denver is seen as a superb brother of Star as he always pays much attention to his tiny sister.

If you have ever heard about the dog guiding blind people, blind dogs are also sure to get help.

Star was so lucky when being born into a litter with her brother. She exactly got a blessing for sure because Denver appeared as a wonderful brother who watched out for her every time.

Denver always becomes attached to his sweet sister whenever she walks, plays, or even sleeps. This cute moment can be seen as an adorable scene in the movie, but sometimes it is not perfect, as shown in the picture.

Both Denver and Star got a deprived life since being born.

They all have been left on the roadside of a rural town in Louisiana since being born. Luckily, their mom, with her litter of eight were rescued in time.

The rescuer decided to keep the dog mom, then coordinate with the shelter to get support from other adopters for eight little puppies.

Eventually, the rescue team took them to Helen Woodward Animal Center (HWAC) in San Diego because the shelter was overcrowded and puppies needed help.

After that, HWAC got news of Denver and Star; they immediately contacted and provided help to them with other 31 pups to the West Coast facility.

Two puppies finally found their happy home.

After being transferred to a new home, people realized that Star is a curious puppy. She always looks around while her dog mates play without any care. At this time, she was 3-month years old and always used her senses to identify everything surrounding her.

However, Denver is willing to burn his playtime for Star with a special lookout. He never walks out of Star’s shadow and makes her feel secure.

Star got nearly blind and deaf; this does not bother Denver but makes him spend his care on Star more.

They especially interact with each other; HWAC social media manager – Jackie Kelleher has found a fantastic match and shared it happily with The Dodo. They are very fond of playing tumble, playing with rope, and chewing stuffed toys.

Denver is acting as a great bodyguard of Star. He knows what his little sister wants to do and where she goes. Likewise, Star can sense her brother’s smell when she gets lost; then she moves around until she jumps into Denver.

Star always looks out for a new location with slow movement, while Denver helps her watch out for surrounding obstacles. Star becomes more confident with her each step, and from now on, they are happy in their home together.

These adorable puppies will be adopted as a pair as required. It is impossible to separate them apart.

Watch their video below.

H/T: Animal Channel



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