Adorable Baby Girl Uses Her Angelic Singing Voice To Comfort Her Dog’s Slumber

People believe that there is a powerful bond between children and dogs. No one can curb their excitement while being involved with their close friends in reunions and playtime. Like a child and her dog, they will become gorgeous more than ever by lovely gestures and interaction.

More significantly, when a child grows up with a furry friend, she will be more attached to that dog and see him as a sibling. And in this case, Marleigh- a four-year-old child finds her happy life with Fiona- a four-legged pal through meaningful playtime together.

Photo credit: Paige Jolley Bumgarner/ Facebook

Fiona is a female dog. She loves taking naps in her owner’s embraces because she can find comfortable feelings there. Fiona sees Marleigh as her older sister, who always sings a lullaby while Fiona yawns with drowsiness. Marleigh always gives her sweet puppy hugs and gentle songs that make her dog easily fall asleep.

Photo credit: Paige Jolley Bumgarner/ Facebook

This footage was shot by Marleigh’s mom – Paige Jolley Bumgarner, and posted on the internet. Amazingly, this video got more than 600,000 shares and received a lot of affection from the community.

Marleigh looked so hearty in this video; she started to sing a sort of her favorite song. Fiona kept her eyes on her sister and listened to all heart. What an angelic voice!

Photo credit: Paige Jolley Bumgarner/ Facebook

This baby girl knows how to be a good sister, and she asks for her mom’s idea. Her mom also sees her tenderness and tells her that she is so wonderful. It encourages Marleigh to become cuter than ever because she always tries to be the perfect sister of her dog. Fiona is so lucky when having her sister on her side.

Photo credit: Paige Jolley Bumgarner/ Facebook

Sometimes, Fiona suddenly wakes up when Marleigh starts to sneeze. However, when Fiona realizes that she is still in her sister’s arms, she quickly falls asleep again. Many say that this dog tends to be lovably spoiled before Marleigh’s pamper. However, it is still a priceless moment for this sweet couple.

Photo credit: Paige Jolley Bumgarner/ Facebook

This video inspires people, especially adults, to teach their children about love and kindness. A gracious child is one who consistently behaves like her close teammate.

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