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20+ Cats Who Prefer To Stand, And They All Nail The Look

Even though they are born with four legs, cats do stand up on their hind legs like us humans once in a while. Maybe they are trying to reach something (mostly food), maybe they want to ward off some predators, or maybe there are feeling threatened… However, no matter what the reason is, there’s no denying that these fur babies look incredibly adorable and funny in those postures! In fact, there is even a huge community on Reddit that was created to celebrate such hilarious moments.

Before visiting r/CatsStandingUp for more, scroll down and enjoy 23 amusing pics we have collected for you right here below!

#1.  “Hooman must be hiding something up there.”

Source: BavellyBavelly

#2.  “Gotcha!”

Source: bipolarbear29

#3.  “Lemme show you my pawer.”

Source: jabbapage

#4.  “Better give it to meow.”

Source: ShapeShiftingCats

#5.  “Wanna dance with somebody, wanna feel the heat with somebody.”

Source: FuriouslyChonky

#6.  “One, two… meow meow three…”

Source: Matt_Carvalho

#7.  “Wait, did I just see a sky raisin?”

Source: grichardson526

#8.  “Please give meow food, I’m a good boi.”

Source: theoabolonhesa

#9.  “Just standing here and staring into your soul, don’t mind me.”

Source: dslusser

#10.  Whoosh!

Source: Hood_tao

#11.  “Let meow innnn!!!”

Source: BavellyBavelly

#12.  Spider meow.

Source: digbickygrene20

#13.  “Hey, hooman’s home!”

Source: egonemad

#14.  “What homework? I have no idea what u talking about.”

Source: mikemaid40

#15.  “Yes, from now our conferens be in this format.”

Source: almsd1875

#16.  “It’s such a purrtiful night…”

Source: bfwu

#17.  Born to pose.

Source: MissSailorSarah

#18. Too fast too furious.

Source: spoonugget

#19.  “Truck #8. One left.”

Source: Numi18

#20.  “Gimme da treat, right meow!”

Source: koenn

#21.  Such a performance…

Source: VQ37HR911

#22.  “Hey yo what’s up!!!”

Source: FuriouslyChonky

#23.  Bonus – another good boy!

Source: Ajarofpickles97



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