Momma Cat Steals Her Kitten Back From Owner

We all know that moms are awesome because they will do everything they can to make sure that their babies are safe and protected. However, mother’s love isn’t only found in human moms. It can be found in animal mothers, including cat moms.

After a happy cat mom gave birth to a bunch of kittens, her owner spent a little time checking and getting to know the kittens. The man put a small creature on his lap and gave the tiny baby some pets.

At first, the mother cat allowed her human to grab her kitten. But when she heard the cries, she suddenly stood up from the box, looked up and over towards the kitten who was with humans. She immediately leaped out of the box, never taking her eyes off the kitten for even a second.

She knew it was time for her kitten to return to the box, so she took the baby from the human lap and quickly returned to the inside of the box.

After making sure that the baby was safe, the mother cat lied down relaxed again. The kittens began to nuzzle up to their mother and settle down as well.

Watch the video below to see how great the cat mother is!

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