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15+ Photos Show That Animals Should Stay Away From Water

A bath is often the most relaxing part of a day, but for our pets it’s not always the most enjoyable activity. Although bath time is never easy, washing a pet is one of the most hilarious things that we want to do every day. The reason is most pets will go from cute to cuter when wet, and we can’t resist their funny faces at that time.

Thankfully, some pet owners took the time to snap just what bath time looks like with some before-and-after pics. For this reason, Cats My Life has collected a list of adorable photos that show what happens when you take one cat, dog, bunny or bird – and add water. We are sure that these cute furry friends will make your day better. If you don’t believe, just take a look at their funny faces below!

1. “What was that?”

2. “Hoomans, why do you always wash everything you see?”

3. “Are you just gonna stand there taking my pics?”

4. Even this hedgehog faced some changes after taking a bath.

5. “Why did you do that to me?”

6. Family bath day

7. Walks along the beach have both benefits and disadvantages.

8. “I’ll forgive you only if you treat me to a big piece of meat.”

9. Sweet couple

10. “How dare you destroy my fluffiness?!”



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