Someone In Manchester Is Covering Up Racist Graffiti With Cat Stickers

Racism takes many forms and can happen in many places, so it’s not uncommon to come across a person who has racist attitude or a piece of racist graffiti in urban environments. Thankfully, there are also people in the world who are attempting to eliminate racism and stop racist messaging reaching the masses.

And in Manchester, when racist graffiti started to appear around the city, someone came up with a brilliantly witty way to improve the city’s situation and combat racism. The person decided to act upon it by covering the graffiti up with cat stickers. It’s a simultaneously cute and badass way!

Although nobody knows the identity of the person behind this, it seems that the stickers are created by Cracks Appearing Distro, an Australian anti-fascist group that offers a wide range of cover-up stickers.

The Manc reported that the stickers have been spotted around the city, and many people are praising the unknown person behind them. Each sticker features a lovely tabby cat and the text: “There was some racist rubbish here but I covered it up with this picture of a cat.”

The stickers might block out the racist messages, but the most important thing is to acknowledge the problem and face it head-on.

This is not the first attempt to combat negative graffiti in European cities.

Many people came up with a creative way to turn negative symbol graffiti into various funny paintings.

Despite putting stickers on public spaces is still an act of vandalism, we believe that everyone will applaud the idea of using cover-up stickers, especially cute cat stickers. If your city is also full of hateful graffiti, these stickers are a great way to fight them.

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