10+ People Living With More Than 3 Pets Reveal What It’s Like, And It’s Hilarious

#21 Which of these is not like the other?

#22 My blind cat, chilling out like one of the dogs.

#23 My mom has brain cancer. Somehow, I think our pets know when she’s having a bad day.

#24 Yes I built a raft out of pool noodles for my dogs. Stop laughing at me like my wife did. When I go for a swim, they jump up and down at the side of the pool to get on the raft.

#25 I found a cat and a month later this happened.

#26 Adopting a dog soon so we have neighbor bring his dog over so our cats get used to them. Tonight this happened.

#27 My pets are adorable I had to share.

#28 They have had breakfast and it’s a little cooler here now so the front window is the spot! Soaking up the rays.

#29 My girlfriend trained her pets to never enter the bedroom. This is them every morning.

#30 It is very possible that my SO is in the bathroom and the pets have not been fed yet.

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