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Shiro, The World’s Most Relaxed Cat, Has Passed Away At Age 18

Shiro, a Japanese cat who went viral and became famous on social media for his relaxed and chill personality. Although cats are known to be lazy animals, people on the internet can’t stop being amazed at how chill Shiro was.

His full name is Shironeko, which translates from Japanese into English as white cat. He has led a pretty happy and relaxed life in Japan along with his cat siblings and loving owners.

He is able to fall asleep at any time and anywhere. He is so chill that his owners even can balance things on his head while he was sleeping or relaxing. Millions of people all over the world fell in love with him and his cute photos, so it’s not surprising that he has more than one Instagram account where his owners often upload his flamboyant photos and videos.

Sadly, he has passed away at the age of 18 on March 2, 2020. Though Shiro is not too far off a house cat’s average lifespan, many people are very saddened and shocked by the news of his passing. They are sending Shiro’s owners their most sincere condolences and deepest sympathy on this big loss.

“Before Smudge Lord, this is the best meme lord. Rest in peace, master!” one person on Facebook comments. “He lived Zen and achieved Zen,” someone noted.

Although Shiro passed away, his spirit will live forever in everyone’s hearts. And in order to remember Shiro and his best moments, we have collected a gallery of pictures of Zen cat to share with our beloved readers. So scroll down below to see them and don’t forget to share this post with everyone, especially cat lovers.

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