15 Pictures That Prove Cats Have A Built In Alarm System

You are wondering: why does my cat wake me up in the morning? Cats are not nocturnal as one may think, meaning they are awake and more lively at dusk and dawn. No need for a noisy alarm clock, cats will wake you up before sunrise. In the morning, you feel a sudden prodding on your face or wake up before the alarm clock rings. Your favorite furry friend that’s waking you up every single morning and won’t let you rest the amount of time you’d like to. But, strangely enough, it just makes us love them more.
Here are pictures that prove cats have a built in alarm system. Scroll down to see these pictures and let us know “How are your mornings with cats?” in comments.

#1. Who doesn’t like to wake up to a nose nudge?

#2. You can literally feel their presence watching over you.

#3. If not their presence, then their adorable taps.

#4. Some will actually flop their whole body down.

#5. Some make their very own little nest.

#6. They are actually kind of creepy.

#7. Especially when their eyes begin glowing.

#8. All they really want is to love you.

#9. In their weird and odd little ways.

#10. But also, they also probably want their breakfast.

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