24 Heroic Cats Who Saved Their Own And Other Species

#16 Tommy, The Cat Who Reportedly Called 911 To His Incapacitated Owner

#17 Blake, The Cat That Helps Its Owner Deal With Brain-Induced Seizures

#18 Tom, A Cat Who Found Food For The Starving Army

#19 Simon, The Cat Who Served As An Exterminator And Motivator On HMS Amethyst

#20 Rusty, The Cat Who Sensed His Owner’s Heart Attack

#21 Sally, A Tabby Who Saved Her 49-Year-Old Owner From A Burning House

#22 Charley Who Saved His Owner After She Collapsed From An Attack Of Hypoglycemia

#23 Slinky Malinky, The Black Short Hair Tomcat Who Saved Its Owner From A Morphine Induced Coma

#24 Faith, The Church Cat Of St. Augustine’s Church In London Who Protected Her Offspring From An Air Raid

Source: Bored Panda

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