People Shared Pics Of Their Cats Acting Weird

#21 My New Cat Only Sleeps On My Head. Meet Newt

#22 How My Cat Dave Was Laying. He Does This All The Time

#23 My Kitten Has A Weird Obsession With Sitting On My Head. Especially When I Wear Beanies

#24 George Is A Cat That Prefers To Stand On 2 Legs

#25 Bought Our Kitten A New £40 Bed And Walked In To Find Him Asleep Like This

#26 My Boy Always Tries To Jump In The Fridge When I Open It. This Is The First Time He Made It In

#27 My Cat Steals Potatoes And Walks Around Like A Boss

#28 My Japanese Cat Loves To Sit Near My Rice Cooker And Smell The Steam Of Freshly Cooked Rice

#29 RIP To My Best Friend For 19 Years. He Was A Weird One

#30 Cats Are Weird

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