10+ Incredibly Useful Skills Only A Cat Owner Would Know About

#11 Mastering how to hold your pee while remaining absolutely still.

#12 Living with the fact that washroom is no longer your private place.

#13 Typing single-handedly because your cat decides to sleep on one of your arms.

#14 Managing your time and work very smartly.

#15 Never letting your foot out of the blanket or get ready for the sneak-attack.

#16 Learning how much wait to put on your cat’s tummy when using it as a pillow.

#17 You have to get up at least thrice before your cat finally decides if it wants to go out or stay indoors.

#18 Getting comfortable with cat hair on everything (even food).

#19 You can always guess which one of your friends has a cat.

#20 Becoming an expert on coming up with cute nicknames.

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