19 Photos Proving That Emotions In Animals Are So Vivid

Human beings are creatures who are able to show a huge variety of emotions through their facial expressions. These are: happiness, sadness, fear, anger, surprise, and disgust. However, many studies have shown that humans are not the only organisms to feel, and express, their feelings. Just like us, animals have the feelings and can experience some of these same emotions. Their emotions are more vivid than we might expect, and they don’t shy to show them.

We are surprised with animals who can express their emotions, so now we feel the urge to share photos of these pets with you. We are sure they will put a smile on your face and make your day better!

1. “My cat insists I hold his paw while he sleeps on my lap. Never once has he scratched me.

2. Friends through the years

3. “She usually naps on my neck where I can’t see. I finally got to see her smiling and relaxed this morning.

4. Too excited for a walk

5. In desperate need of a hug

6. “My coworker at home isn’t adhering to the social distancing requirements.”

7. “A week ago we decided Glenn needed a little brother. I think we were right.”

8. “Woke up to a break up text this morning. My rats can tell I’m sad and are giving me the best cuddles.”

9. “The nurses let this cat see his owner for Christmas and he spent the entire day on her lap.”

10. “This happens every time I get audibly frustrated. He’s a therapy dog at heart.”

11. Just in case you ever wanted to see a wet, angry Shiba Inu

12. Just a quick nap

13. These 2 lovebirds can’t sleep without each other!

14. “My friend’s lizard likes to cuddle with her 2 cat friends.”

15. “He always wants to give us love at the wrong time!”

16. “6 hours + 9 puppies = 1 tired Mama. Our sweet first time mama and her babies”

17. “Faithful little desk buddy”

18. “I’m a walker — every time I drop him back off, he stands there and makes it impossible for me to leave him.”

19. “My chinchillas love to cuddle like this!”

Do you have pets? Do they express their feelings to you? Let’s share our photos in the comment section!

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