10 Most Beautiful Horses In The World

Before the advent of mechanized vehicles and engine, the horse was widely used and remained essential to many human societies. They have played a large role in serving man in war, transportation, productivity, and agriculture. And nowadays, horses still hold a place of honor in many cultures and play an important role in many countries.

Besides, horses are also famous for their great qualities and virtues such as nobility, power, grace, and beauty. That is the reason why they are exceptionally beautiful and graceful beings on the planet. For this reason, we have collected 10 beautiful horses which are a symbol of physical strength and freedom for you. Scroll down to enjoy and choose your favorite horses. Let us know in comments and don’t forget to share with your family!

10. Morgan Horse

The Morgan Horse is one of the popular breeds in the United States. They served many roles in 19th-century American history as coach horses, general riding animals, and even as cavalry horses during the American Civil War on both sides of the conflict. Adaptable to virtually any situation and use, the Morgan is an easy horse to keep and is among the most beloved breeds of horses.

9. Haflinger

The Haflinger (Avelignese) is a breed from Austria and Northern Italy. They are small and always chestnut in color with a white or flaxen mane and tail. They have distinctive gaits described as powerful but smooth, muscular back but elegant. The Haflinger is a combination of Arabian and other European breeds integrated into the native Tyrolean pony stock.

8. Marwari

The Marwari desert horse is a rare breed from the Marwar (Jodhpur) region of India. They are the preferred animal across India because of its inherent hot-blood and smooth gait. With their unique, inward-turning ear tips, they can be easily identified.

7. Appaloosa

The Appaloosa is an American horse breed best known for its colorful spotted coat pattern. The Nez Perce tribe of the Northwest U.S. developed this breed to create beautiful horses that were colorful, tractable, and intelligent. With its delightful disposition, striking appearance and adaptability to a wide range of uses and situations, this breed horse has been capturing the hearts of horse lovers for centuries.

6. Mustang

Mustangs are often referred to as the classic wild horse of the Old West. They often roam the vast terrains of North America in large herds, to protect themselves from predators like wolves, coyotes, etc. Also, Mustangs are generally described as being “surefooted” and known for having good endurance.

5. Akhal-Teke

The Akhal-Teke breed is the national emblem of Turkmenistan and is one of the oldest existing horse breeds in the world. They are known the nickname “Golden Horses” by the shiny coat of palominos and buckskins. Besides, these horses are famous for endurance and speed, endurance and intelligence.

4. Andalusian

The Andalusian or “Pure Spanish Horse,” is a horse breed from the Iberianor Peninsula, where its ancestors have lived for thousands of years. Throughout its history, they were prized by the nobility because of their intelligence, sensitivity, and docility.

3. Gypsy Horse

The Gypsy Horse is a type or breed of domestic horse from the island of Ireland. With the gentleness of its nature, adorned with an abundance of flowing mane, tail, and feathers, they look like some fantasy creature of legend or a magical steed from a fairy tale come to life.

2. Arabian

With their distinctive head shape and high tail carriage, the Arabian horse is one of the oldest and most recognizable horse breeds in the world. This is a breed of horse that originated on the Arabian Peninsula with a short and straight back. Its entire appearance exudes energy, intelligence, courage and nobility and made it prized among nobility, conquerors

1. Friesian

The Friesian horses are beautiful horses originating in Friesland in the Netherlands. We love the powerful Friesian horse for his magnificent character and temperament coupled with beauty and elegance! Most recently, the breed is being introduced to the field of dressage.

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