Photographer Captures Photos Of An Adorable Pig In A Field Of Pink Tulips

Meet Chantal Levesque, a seasoned photographer comes from Montreal, Canada. Despite being an animal photographer, she usually captures photos of dogs and cats in natural light settings. For this reason, when she had a chance to photograph a pig, she knew that it was an opportunity she couldn’t resist.

When the owners of Fluffy the Therapy Pig asked her to take some photos of their beloved therapy pig, Chantal tried to look for a background to have a perfect photoshoot. Thankfully, she found an awesome setting for the piglet’s photoshoot – a field of pink tulips.

“I usually photograph dogs in natural light settings but when the opportunity presented itself to photograph Fluffy the Therapy Pig I went bananas! We were lucky to find these delicate fresh pink tulips for her portraits (pink is her favorite colour!),” Chantal said.

Not surprisingly, the adorable therapy piglet quickly became the center of attention. Everyone even stopped to take some photos of the pig and gave her some pets.

“It should come as no surprise that she draws a crowd wherever she goes and her photo session was no exception. Lots of “awwwww”s were heard, people stopped to take photos of her and would just smile as they crossed her path. One can only imagine the joy and support she brings to people’s lives as a therapy pig!”

If you want to learn more about photography, you can visit the photographer’s website.  If you love Fluffy The Therapy Pig, you can follow her on Instagram.

Source: Bored Panda

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