This Siamese Cat Has His Own Special Way Of Doing Yoga

Meet Zuko, who is known as a cat yoga. Everyone calls him like that as he likes to stretch himself all the time. Whenever he wants to stretch, he will approach his parents and ask for it.

His mom calls it a stretchy stretch, and she is always happy to help him do it. If his mom stands there, he will expect her to scoop down and pick him up. Of course, he always gets a kiss at the end.

Zuko has two siblings named Sia and Richard Parker. Sia and Parker often fight with each other, but thankfully, they have the mediator. Zuko. He wants everybody to be happy.

The owner said, “My cats mean the world to me. I don’t have children, so they are my children. I feel like life would be really boring without my cats. I love them so much.”

Watch the video below to see the full story:

If you love Zuko and his siblings Sia and Richard Parker, you can check more their adventures on Instagram.

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