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20+ Happy Dogs Who Can’t Be Any Prouder On Their Birthdays

Every dog is a happy dog if you care for them and love them, but they could be even happier once in a while on special occasions, for example some parties where they are the center of attention! Yes it doesn’t needs to be their real birthdays, it could be the day you adopt them or some random day you want to celebrate for no reason at all. The date doesn’t matter because dogs don’t know dates, they only know how much you cherish them. So, if you have never thrown a birthday pawty for your baby yet, order a cake today. Let’s have fun and make memories with your beloved companion!

Here are some lovely pictures that might help in case you want to try the idea yourself:

#1. “Thank you but Treatos look way better in da hat.”

Image credit: cash_thebostongolden

#2. Moose is 2 years old now!

Image credit: moose_the_miniaussie

#3. “Okay I’m too young for a birthday party but who cares that hat suits me pretty well tho.”

Image credit: doggo.soft

#4. Time to pawty!

Image credit: thehome.and.fluff

#5. Such a sweet giant floof.

Image credit: miskaialulu

#6. One year – a huge milestone.

Image credit: sheltiefinn

#7. The king is here!

Image credit: frankiethewheaten

#8. “Thanks, now gimme da cake.”

Image credit: zia_koi

#9. Feliz cumpleaños, Arya.

Image credit: arya_lasalchi

#10. “Does this mean I’m a good boi?”

Image credit: walter.earl.golden.bear

#11. Can’t believe this little cutie is 11 years old.

Image credit: sgt.pepper_generaltao

#12. Smile, it’s your birthday!

Image credit: lucylulubearr

#13. “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?”

Image credit: malofypack

#14. One day, two celebrations.

Image credit: olafopunk

#15. “It’s official, I’m 3 today!”

Image credit: misswinniethecav

#16. “That’s it, I’m a big boy now.”

Image credit: teddyminiaussiedoodle

#17. Bodoque looks so proud!

Image credit: paw.sbakery

#18. “We have no idea what “happy birthday” means, but we love it!”

Image credit: twopyrsinapod

#19. “I’m so fancy, you already know…”

Image credit: mrdante

#20. “Is that for meee?”

Image credit: roccobolt

#21. Once a happy doggo, always a happy doggo.

Image credit: k9elite

#22. When life gives you birthdays, eat cake!

Image credit: mila_theaussiepoo

#23. “These are my pawrents torturing me to make a nice picture on my birthday!”

Image credit: zero_puppysir



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