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Little Orphaned Kittens Make Friends With Two Dogs At Their New Foster Home

The old saying that cats and dogs can’t live together isn’t true. In some cases, cats and dogs can become friends and even form a strong and special bond.

A litter of five kittens were found living on the streets with no mother in sight. They lost their mom but had each other until help arrived. The feline crew was rescued and then brought to a foster house where they were loved and nursed back to health.

When the kittens moved into their new foster home, they met two dogs Wally and Buster. At that time, the kittens thought the cute dog duo would be their new models and big brothers. These brothers would teach them everything in the new house.

Unfortunately, the two dogs didn’t like kittens and seemed to think that five little kittens in the middle of their living room was a lot to take in.

However, these cute little kittens were determined to make friends with the pups. Now, they become best friends, grow up together as siblings, and don’t shy to show off their adorable bond. The big pups love to share everything with the little kittens, even their nice comfy bed.

Watch the full story here:

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