20+ Hilarious Cats Who Know Exactly How To Have Fun With A Mirror

Just like our babies, cats are curious critters who have plenty of interesting things to learn about this world and often love to examine literally the most ordinary things in our houses, for example a yarn ball or vase. Yes, cats don’t break your vase on purpose, they just simply knock it off to see what happens next. And of course, a mirror is always an amusing item to have fun with too!

So, what happens when these adorable furry guys spot the reflection of themselves in a mirror? Here are some hilarious reactions that we would love to share with you today, scroll down and check them out!

#1. “Gotcha!”

Image credits: monty_milou

#2. “Mirror mirror on da wall, I know I’m the prettiest but who the fluff is that other cat?!”

Image credits: tita.themexicat

#3. “Who’s that handsome boy in there?”

Image credits: leo_pantherpaws

#4. Practicing her facial expression range.

Image credits: amber_bee12

#5. If Murphy’s face was symmetrical…

Image credits: blutoandmurphy

#6. Stunning girl.

Image credits: freya.and.luna

#7. How many cats do you see?

Image credits: general_lee_on_drums

#8. “Hmm, meow looks fabulous.”

Image credits: christopher.the.sphynx

#9. Double the Dimka, double the handsomeness.

Image credits: dimka_roartall

#10. “Boring…”

Image credits: gertrudisnya

#11. He doesn’t need a mirror to know he is gorgeous.

Image credits: myralynneart

#12. It takes two to tango.

Image credits: JekaRerik

#13. “This must be what ravishing looks like…”

Image credits:

#14. The real Prince Charming!

Image credits: hades_chat_bengal

#15. “Wait, I smell somethin’ fishy…”

Image credits: k_fa4

#16. “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

Image credits: mashamousekewitz

#17. Who’s that handsome devil?

Image credits: cherik_kitties

 #18. “Nice mustache, bro.”

Image credits: mustachethecat_

#19. Checking his derp face in the mirror.

Image credits: black.cats.rule

#20. “Gosh, I iz beautiful!”

Image credits: rossipawsse

#21. “Remember, you iz smart, you iz kind, you iz important.”

Image credits: kittens_william_and_harry

#22. “I don’t know who you are, but you look fantastic!”

Image credits: dafne_herrera

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