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20+ Happy Tucked-In Kitties To Warm Up Your Soul After A Tiring Day

Do you often watch your cat passionately while they’re taking a nap? Don’t worry, it’s not weird, and you are not alone. Cats are pretty well-known for their ridiculously long naps, but as cat owners, the scene of these fur babies sleeping safe and sound never fails to melt our hearts in the most adorable way pawsible.

r/tuckedinkitties is a subReddit where people share lovely photos of their beloved kitties sleeping cozily while being tucked in any kind of fabric. Created in 2014, the forum has racked up 308k members so far. And to be honest, these sweeties are a purrfect sedative for those who are stressed after a long tiring day at work.

Just scroll down and check them out:

#1. I feel that, Peanut

Image credits: Sh3saidY3s

#2. May I present: miss Fairy

Image credits: silliwe

#3. George gets tucked into his personal cat bed

Image credits: spacemonkeykakarot

#4. She’s so happy

Image credits: ChekovsCurlyHair

#5. So cozy

Image credits: Femutoo

#6. Sophie looking as apathetic as usual

Image credits: prototypeRain

#7. She loves her new blankie

Image credits: KiLLaHMoFo

#8. My 12 week old kitty tucked in 🙂

Image credits: 0Focuss

#9. Tucked in under some clean shirts before hanging them up

Image credits: ellezarspaceship

#10. Dreamy princess in pink blanket

Image credits: Proud-Stable5140

#11. She is always so much more snuggley in winter.

Image credits: benjaminpfp

#12. Cleo hiding under the blanket

Image credits: Daderrpycat

#13. She’s actually a little kangaroo

Image credits: phosphorescentdragon

#14. Love being able to do this while working all day.

Image credits: johnny_soup1

#15. Potato Salad

Image credits: Floogieonu

#16. Mischievous Nancy loves blanket time

Image credits: sweettamethystt

#17. My kittie tucked in with me

Image credits: Legal-Jerk

 #18. Dangler sleeper

Image credits: prunesmoothies

#19. Yas!

Image credits: EchoOne1980

#20. Tiny kitten tucked in jeans pocket

Image credits: EssayCapital

#21. Snug as a bug!

Image credits: heatherbare

#22. Kitties love the pancho, works everytime

Image credits: PacificNorthwestDaig

#23. Good night Yuna

Image credits: kuumiguumi

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