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These Sweet Golden Retrievers Just Can’t Stop Cuddling Their Kitty Friend

Yes they often say that dogs and cats are mortal enemies and all, but that’s actually not true. The problem usually comes from the cats who see dogs as a threat because they belong to another species and are way bigger than them, but if these giants have big goofy smiles on their faces and always want to hug and cuddle with you, things may change a little bit! And which is the friendly dog breed that smiles and hugs all the time? The golden retriever, of course.

If you are in the mood for such lovable bonds, this video is surely a treat for you. The three golden retrievers in the clip are obviously the best cuddle buddies that their kitty friend could ever ask for! These furry critters love to snuggle with each other night and day and if the dogs are the first ones to fall asleep, that affectionate cat even comes toward them proactively to enjoy a good nap together. Isn’t it adorable?

Screenshot, Viral Paws

In fact, the gray and white tabby is just so close to his doggo pals that he is basically a huge part of the gang. When the three pooches line up for a picture, they never forget to call their little bestie either.

Screenshot, Viral Paws

With these big guys in the house, it’s safe to say that the lucky feline already has three pawsome protectors who will never leave his side! Their friendship is just so pure and precious it could melt anyone’s heart.

Screenshot, Viral Paws

Just take a look at these endearing sweeties:

Well, we are not the only ones who admire their awe-inspiring relationship.

The fact that they are golden retrievers somehow makes it less surprising.

There a definitely something that we can learn from them!

If you love them as much as we do, please share this uplifting video with your friends and family!




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