Abandoned Cat Without Ears Finally Got Her Best Friend And Her Own Family

It is convinced that animals always face danger if they are left outside. They can be pushed into critical situations like starving, diseases, getting injured, or even dying quickly.

These abandoned animals can bear accidents by passing vehicles leading to severe threats. Moreover, they may be caught poorly by abusers for the black market. They have to cost their lives and suffer pain as well.

It is highly terrible when you lose your ears unintentionally. The cat mentioned below without ears is an exceptional case when meeting the right help.

He receives actual care and love from surrounding animal lovers. They are willing to support him, shower him and feed him friendly.

They called this no-ear cat Potato that looks like his shape overall but very cute. He lives with his owner and cat brother Horlick in China. His owner rescued him two years ago while seeing his critical situation and help in time.

Potato suffered ceruminous adenoma on his ear flaps and in his ear canals.

Although the vet tried to treat him carefully, it was relapsing with more symptoms. Then he decided to carry out surgery to make sure that Potato will get well further.

Potato’s canals and flaps were cut off to exclude ceruminous adenoma spread.

Living without ears might be challenging, but Potato was still so happy because he finally got his own family. He was adopted and supported financially during the time of surgery. So, this brave cat recovered fast as people expected

Potato’s owner has created for him an Instagram account to share their beautiful moments. He got over 8,000 followers right after he appeared on social media. They love Potato’s round head and raise a lot of admiration about his recovery.

Especially, Potato got his best brother Horlick. They become attached, and their owner has snapped these cute moments and posted them on Instagram.
Potato is so lucky when having a friendly brother who always protects him and brings him funny times. For sure, they are creating a solid bond which no one can break down.

This is a lovely cute moment snapped between sweet Potato and adorable Horlick. They are indeed a perfect pair that inspire people to love abandoned animals more.

When this photo spread on Instagram, both received frenetic reactions from their fans. They sleep together in the way of sparkling sweets that make people desire to have them in their home.

Potato was an unknown cat from the first time; he was about six years old. The owner decided to celebrate his adoption day on April 25, 2019, instead of his birthday. That was the first special day since lovely Potato was born.

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