Two Frightened And Wounded Pit Bulls Are Rescued From The Street By Two Pollice Officers

At 4.30 in the morning, Patrick Hennesy, who was driving home in the cold, just hoped that he would get home with a warm bed as soon as possible. However, on the way home, he came across two scared puppies with a demand for assistance. He immediately stopped and gave them a helping hand.

By looking at how two PitBulls cuddled together by the side of the road, Patrick Hennesy recognized that they were wounded and were waiting for help.

Without hesitation, he contacted the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, and two police officers arrived shortly afterward. At that time, blood was soaked over the ground, and two puppies seemed terrified and hurt.

Both of them licked and brushed against the officer after they were approached. It can be seen that they knew the officer coming there to save them and wanted to thank them for the assistance.

While the strays wound was treated by one officer, the other managed to call Orange County Animal Services. Then, it was informed that those Pit Bulls would stay with officers till they arrived.

Even though the officers were so cold and exhausted, they tried to warm up and comfort the silvering puppies during waiting time. They had no intention of abandoning the two puppies in need.

Both of the puppies, who have given a lot of joy and happiness, were named Liberty and Justice, respectively. It is expected that the cute pair will find their forever home soon.

After those two puppies settled at the perfect family, the officers came there to visit them.

Liberty and Justice now look like the two happiest puppies on the planet. This relieves officers’ minds and makes them feel so joyful.

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