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Cat Lost His Two Front Paws Learns How To Walk Like A Human

This handsome boy named Rex is on his way to becoming a super star on Tik Tok, where he has had over 117k followers. The cute cat believed to be living with his owners in Canada.

Rex lost his front paws and part of his tail in an accident when he was a tiny kitten. He fell in a water dish, so his front legs froze and had to be removed. Despite being disabled, he never lets it stop him from living his best life.

Ever since Rex has been learning how to adapt to everyday life without front legs and live a normal feline life.

Rex’s owners often document and share his adventures on TikTok and Instagram, where his videos are going viral. These videos show the daily adaptations Rex has to make in order to get around using only his back legs.

Needless to say, people love Rex and become his fans. Rex has almost 3k fans on Instagram and over 117k fans on TikTok. Why don’t you follow him too?

More info: Instagram | TikTok

Watch his amazing videos below:

If you love the handsome boy Rex, please share his cute videos and photos with your friends and family members!



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