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Confused Cat Doesn’t Know Why She Can’t Knock Down “Christmas Tree”

Christmas holiday is the time of year that brings Christmas trees, ornaments and cat attacks. Although cats are domesticated, they are still skilled hunters. For this reason, a tree full of what looks like eggs, birds or unknown creatures are too sweet for cats to hunt, knock down and proudly show off their hunting skills. But no matter how good their skills are, sometimes things are not going on right way.

Pepper is an extremely playful cat who loves to turn almost anything into a toy or a game. For this reason, she often makes decorating the house for the holidays a little difficult.

“Pepper loves to jump high and onto anything she thinks she can get to,” Mikaela O’Neill, Pepper’s mom, told The Dodo. “This means no ornaments on high shelves, and definitely no Christmas trees.”

However, O’Neill still wanted to decorate her house in a festive way, so she came up with a creative way that can put herself into the Christmas spirit. She ordered a Christmas tree tapestry and hung it on the wall. She thought it would be the perfect solution because Pepper couldn’t reach and destroy it.

At first, Pepper loved to see the wall hanging from afar – until she realized that it was a game, and she could play with this thing. She spends a lot of her holiday season checking the tree, playing with it and ultimately, trying to knock it down. Unfortunately, she’s unsuccessful in her attempts to knock down the tree, and she doesn’t understand why he can’t destroy it. But occasionally, she and her brother succeed.

“I also have another cat, Soda Pop, who also loves to play with and behind the canvas,” O’Neill said. “Last year I had it fixed to the wall differently and several times they succeeded in knocking it down. This year I’ve learned how to beat them (mostly).”

After all, no tree is really safe from Pepper and her antics. She proves that she is a good hunter who can knock out and hunt everything she wants.

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