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Meet Chowder, The Chow Chow Dog That Looks Like A Teddy Bear

You might think that this creature is a teddy bear, but in fact he is a dog, and his name is Chowder.

Chowder is a six-year-old pure-bred Chow Chow who lives in Manila, Philippines. He has become an internet star thanks to his uncanny resemblance to a giant teddy bear. His fluffy coat, big snout, and round chubby face make him look like a 20kg teddy bear.

Chowder looks like a bear so much that he has the nickname “Chowder the Bear Dog.” Since the beginning of 2015, when Chowder joined Instagram, he has gained thousands of followers who are obsessed with his cute pics and videos.

Bernice Lozano, Chowder’s owner, said that he never expected that Chowder would become so popular. “Whenever we’re in the mall, everyone stops to look at him because he’s just so adorable and they take photos or videos of him.

Bernice is happy because his doggo makes people smile, and that is the most important thing for him. “The most common line we hear from people when they meet Chowder is ‘oh my God he looks like a teddy bear.”

“He was a gift from our parents, and he just really has bear-like features. A big part of it is how he is groomed, but other than that it’s also the colour of his fur and the shape of his round snout,” Bernice said.

Bernice also said: “He is a very lazy dog, he just loves to eat and lounge around the house all day.”

Scroll down to see if you are ready for cuteness overload! We bet you will fall in love with this cuddly furball, and of course, you won’t be able to resist scrolling through his adorable pics!

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