25 Dogs Who Are Working In Daily Jobs Just Like Us

Humans are not the only creatures who have jobs, our 4-legged-friends also have their daily jobs. They work alongside humans and can be employed at airports, police stations, borders, and schools, etc. Nowadays, there are many dog jobs and hundreds of thousands of working dogs. These jobs can be done by multiple dog breeds, but some common breeds include Australian cattle dogs, border collies and kelpies.

Although our furry friends are so cute and sweet, they’re on a serious mission. Therefore, we decided to compile a list of dogs who are working in a daily job just like us. Scroll below for a high dose of cuteness!

1. Safety first!

2. Coolest police officer in the district

3. Ollie the sailing pup

4. The dogtor will see you now.

5. Biscuit, staff morale officer

6. Guide dog puppy with his teddy bear

7. Just checking on you, hooman.

8. Lifeguards ready to save the day in Croatia

9. The Police Department threw this brave officer a birthday party. Happy birthday, Max!

10. This is my buddies dog who is trained to dig up Sea Turtle nests so they can be safely incubated and set free after the hatch.

11. Therapy dogs in training are being read a book.

12. The cute pupper helps people with epileptic seizures on the mountain while skiing!

13. Meet Mayor Max, he’s a really good boy.

14. Ember is a crisis response dog who was working hard during the Australian bushfires.

15. My local print shop has a dog working the counter.

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