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10+ Cats Who Don’t Even Look Real

We at Cats My Life love all animals, but we always have a special love for cats. They are amazing creatures who are awesome enough to be the biggest celebrities on the web. That is the reason why images and videos of cats are widespread on the Internet.

In our previous posts, we have collected many pics of cute and funny cats to share with you, so this time, we would like to show you some special cats that you won’t believe actually exist. These cats don’t look real, but they are so weird and cool. From the texture of their furs, or differences in their fur colors, to special talents they can do that no other cat can. They are so unique that many people consider them as living works of art.

If you’re a cat denier, this post may change your mind. If you’re already super into cats, your heart is about to explode. Scroll down to check out for yourself!

1. The perpetually shocked cat.

2. This magnificent fluff-warrior.

3. The cat who knows L-O-V-E is all you need.

4. This tiny lion in repose.

5. The cat who can hide in his own belly fluff.

6. The Bond villain.

7. The furry, melted puddle.

8. The Tom Selleck.

9. This flexible gymnast.

10. The floating Cat Cloud.

11. The upstanding cat gentleman.

12. The seductive poser.

13. The Magic 8-Ball.

14. The bath time betrayal cat.

15. The furry meerkat of inquisitiveness.

16. This furious little car gremlin.

What is it about cats that makes them awesome? Feel free to share and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in comments below!



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