Funny Moment Of Puppy Scratching His Dog Friend’s Itchy Back

The most fantastic thing dogs do is scratch, and the funniest thing they do is when they feel so comfortable and ticklish that they keep moving their hind legs.
But dogs also get itchy from time to time in areas that they can’t reach.

Fortunately, his dog friend will help him to scratch it. The pedestrians in Ratchasima, Thailand, have caught up with the moment of a dog scratching his friend’s itch back. And a video was filmed and posted on social networks, many viewers expressed interest and praised the superior scratching technique of this brown dog.

The two dogs look like close friends and are very comfortable showing each other’s feelings. The scene in the video is in front of a store. The white one was lying, and the other was wrapped in tangerines around it.

They got to know each other so well that the brown dog knew about the discomfort on the white puppy’s back. Unexpectedly, it quickly placed the front paws on the white dog’s back. And the brown dog moves its foot up and down on the white dog’s back. It looked like it was scratching the white dog’s itch.

The dog is very adept at changing his legs to continue scratching his friend’s itch. At first, people wondered what they were doing. But then they realized this funny thing about the two dogs. Thanks to the pleasant expression of the white dog. Many passersby gathered and laughed at this unbelievable scene.

When this video was posted on social networks, many people proved unbelievable.

One person watching the video laughed and commented that he had seen this for the first time and that the white dog’s scratching technique was excellent. Someone even said that the brown dog is too bright. Some people laughed again, thinking that the expression of the white dog was more human than that.

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