10+ People Who Said They Didn’t Want Cats… But Look At Them Now

#21. Before I got my kitten, my boyfriend said he didn’t like cats.

#22. If you ask him, “F*ck no, I’m not a cat person”

#23. He was against bringing a cat into the household.

#24. For “not liking cats” very much, this sure looks suspicious.

#25. “Four months ago, Dad didn’t even want a cat. Now look at him.”

#26.This is the man that didn’t want a cat.

#27. She talked her boyfriend into getting a kitten even though he was adamant about not wanting one. Five minutes later.

#28. My friend’s dad didn’t want a cat. She just sent me this.

#29. My dad hates cats.

#30. “I really hate your cat,” he says. Mmm hmm.

h/t: Bored Panda

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