Spending All Life Saving Tiny Kittens, A Woman Finally Got Her Big Family With Cuties

The story is about a hero woman who spent her life caring for newborn kittens with whole love. That woman is Hannah Shaw, known as a Philadelphian.

Since rescuing a tiny homeless kitten, she realized that her life was changing day by day. In the beginning, she found nursing newborn cats so hard, along with her limited experience. She first felt worried.

Then she decided to confide in some shelter volunteers and vets for caring cat tips. However, Hannah is still confused about this guide information. Besides that, it also took time to search for kittens, so she finally came up with her raising method.

She started to adopt many other kittens nationwide and help them grow like normal ones. She accessed more tiny cats and gave them distinct names. The second kitten – Eloise, was adopted when she was at the shelter for four years. And, of course, more kittens were given adoption and lived together under Hannah’s house.

During this time, Hannah ran into a challenging case of a kitten, namely Zeke. He was born just some days ago and left miserably on her driveway.

Zeke needed exceptional special treatment and care due to his critical situation. Hannah did not give up on him and took him home to save his life. At that time, she had to go to school, which was extremely far from her house, making her feel nervous. Then she decided to bring Zeke to school together and fed him on time.

Luckily, Zeke recovered quickly and became better. Hannah then helped him find his own family and request for adoption. Finally, she had done her mission and gave Zeke his new happy home.

Hannah also built her website – “Kitten Lady,” to spread her message of saving kittens.

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