20+ Weird Cats Who Are Shamed Online For Their Unbelievable Acts

Don’t even try to understand a cat! Cats are never meant to be understood, no matter how long we have been sharing a home with them. They have their own logic, they know no rules and most of the time, we can’t help but wonder what’s actually going on in their mind. These adorable weirdos bring countless joy to our lives, but they also give us headaches and sometimes physical pains. Still, we can never stop loving them, isn’t it strange?

Want to read some chaotic cat stories to know that you are not alone? Here are 22 hilarious moments when these fur babies acting totally crazy that every cat owner can relate to, shared by members of Pet Shaming group on Facebook. Just scroll down and enjoy!

#1. Seriously Alien!?!? I literally bought you a box! Is it really necessary to lay in the box that the box came in????

Source: Kerri Clark

#2. Shame this loveable butthead Ben. He has recently gotten in the habit of flipping his food bowl over with or without food in it.

Source: Kelly Oldham

#3. Not only did he steal cheese from my plate as soon as I turned around to finish making dinner, but he proceeded to run away with it while trying to gobble it up, only to end up nearly choking on it while still trying to eat it at the same time.

Source: Sara Moiron

#4. Shame lil Loki for being a weirdo and stealing the dogs bed lol (the kennel is for bedtime and while we’re out).

Source: Sammie Shaver

#5. Oh just Paco Taco doing Paco things, please don’t hold back!

Source: Holly DeAnn Lovell

#6. I didn’t close the treat bag all the way after opening a fresh bag, she hopped up on the counter, and dumped the ENTIRE bag on the floor. Hopped down and started devouring them like she’s never been fed.

Source: Kim Smith

#7. Shame this kitty who keeps bringing home stray “friends” for me to feed. Pretty sure he goes looking for hungry kitties and tells them all to follow him home and his mommy will feed them.

Source: Jan Robison

#8. Just recently started putting tissue back there. Thought he was done with tearing it up… apparently NOT!

Source: Teri Smith

#9. Shame this mayo-loving crazy cat if she sees me with anything that could be mayo she gets all up in my business.

Source: Sue Rhodes

#10. I recently had surgery and was gone for a week. Gabby really must have missed me because in the two weeks I have been back home she has brought me 9 live mice.

Source: Christie Harvey Malmberg

#11. I guess he wants to make sure I don’t forget him when we move.

Source: Kari Brown

#12. While I was asleep he was climbing where he knows he’s not allowed knocked some storage boxes over they landed on me. Now have a massive headache, a bruise and a cut on forehead. Funny thing is in one of the boxes was a book on how to know if your cat is trying to murder you.

Source: Tammy Lee

#13. Shame this guy for never sleeping in any of the cat beds throughout the house.

Source: Emm Dee

#14. Shame on Cirrus the cat for stealing the puppy bed! Ripley the Aussie and Nebula the Shepsky had to sleep on the carpet. Such a rough life they have.

Source: Jessica Nipp Wilkins

#15. This furry AHOLE thought it would be a good idea to parkour off the toilet onto my back to get to the sink while I was cleaning his box this am. He didn’t plan on me straightening and screaming and therefore sliced my back with his Freddy. Krueger murder mittens.

Source: Kate Burke

#16. This is BEC. She literally has 47 toys to play with, but insists on having EVERY ring off my Gatorade bottles!!

Source: Nikki Andolsek

#17. Hi, my name is Misty and I LOVE to bring in half dead mice in the middle of the night and dump them in my human’s bed, while she’s sleeping.

Source: Sofia Stenroos

#18. It is with great sorrow that I announce the demise of Charmin toilet paper. Silvio is not one bit sorry!

Source: Kathy Bellanger LaGrange

#19. “Mom screamed at me. We were having good pettings. I was standing on the bathroom sink while she was getting ready to go into the forbidden room. I wanted more pets to I leaned up and bit her. It wasn’t hard, just enough to get her attention. She walked away and didn’t come out until morning.”

Source: Leanne Hine

#20. Does anyone’s kitty ever follow you to the bathroom, wait for you and then when they see the toilet paper they start heading out the bathroom? It’s like he knew business was done when he sees the toilet paper comes out.

Source: Jessica Francisca Harris

#21. He isn’t even a tiny bit guilty about tearing a hole in the center of the brand new bag of food I bought today. Even though his food bowl is full.

Source: Heidi A. Readey

#22. Please shame Church Creed for getting stuck under the drawers, and screaming for help!! Nothing is even under there!!

Source: Spookei Bell

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