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20 Pets Who Are Enjoying Their New Life After Being Rescued And Adopted

Pets are our best companions who bring joy and love into our lives. They stay by our side when we need them and show their affection when we are gone. For this reason, they deserve to be loved, protected and treated like family. But unfortunately, many pets are still in shelters or on the streets. They have to live a life without love and care. Luckily, there are many kind people who are willing to help these pets and even give them a forever home that they always desire. And of course, they will do everything they can to make their beloved pets happy and healthy.

We admire those who rescue animals and transform them with their love. We also love those who have already given a loving home to homeless and shelter animals. That’s the reason why we are eager to share some photos of pets who are enjoying their best life that they deserve. They used to be strays and shelter pets, but now they have a forever home and great owners. Scroll down to enjoy!

1. “My foster kitten is part domestic shorthair, part vampire ????”

Credit: CatsandPlants90 / Reddit

2. “This is Winston. He got no shows for 3 different adoption days. When we met he climbed right into my lap and I fell in love. Now he’s my first dog and lifelong best friend. “

Credit: olda1tewz / Reddit

3. “Someone is happy to be adopted today.”

Credit: meowlloryjane / Reddit

4. “Meet Blueberry. I adopted my first ever cat last month. I was nervous about it, but I think she’s found her home. “

Credit: gray8219 / Reddit

5. “We had no plans to adopt our current foster dog but then this happened.”

Credit: Jedi_Mama / Reddit

6. “Before and after adoption. Meet Dixie.”

Credit: JohnnyLaw16 / Reddit

7. “Yay! I get to post in here now! Meet Zoey everyone! My little 4lb peanut I rescued from the side of the road.”

Credit: jkschlatzer / Reddit

8. “Just adopted this old lady and I’m in love. Sushi, 9 years old.”

Credit: heonyswag / Reddit

9. “Recently adopted this polite young lady. Meet Mooncake!”

Credit: nobuttsnococonuts / Reddit

10. “My foster dog had never been indoors before. This is her first nap, on a bed, in a home.”

Credit: mugglequeen  / Reddit

11. “Adopted a 12 year old cat. Her look tells me she’s thankful and I’m smitten.”

Credit: Ragiv13 / Reddit

12. Going to the new home. Adopted.

Credit: mrObry / Reddit

13. “We adopted him two weeks ago. This is their first cuddle.”

Credit: dutzi_thecat / Reddit

14. “I adopted my first cat!”

Credit: Alpha-Wolf10X / Reddit

15. “We adopted this five year old shelter cat last week, I adore her and she adores us. Couldn’t ask for a better girl, Ily Rosie.”

Credit: chadburryeggs / Reddit

16. “We adopted a 6 month old pit/lab mix yesterday, say hello to Larry everybody!”

Credit: GR4VYTR41N/ Reddit

17. “We just adopted this beautiful senior lady and I’m so in love with her already.”

Credit: Gonefeywild / Reddit

18. “Yesterday, I helped this sweet girl get adopted. Her parents sent me this photo of her in their new home.”

Credit: younoloveme / Reddit

19. “They said she was a normal cat when we adopted her but I’m still not convinced.”

Credit: whistlerite / Reddit

20. “There I was, at the milk bar….”

“We adopted this cat about half a year ago and now he sits like he is about to drop the worst dad jokes ever.”

Credit: KuppeRL / Reddit

There is nothing more wonderful than saving pets in need and giving them a second chance at life. If you agree with us, please share these awesome pics with your friends and family members. We are sure that these pics will make their day brighter and warmer.

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